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Chemicals of concern in surface waters of four Midwestern US national parks

Water samples collected from four Midwestern National Parks reveal a variety of prescription medications, personal care products, and insecticides are contaminating not just urban waterbodies, but even the most remote lakes. A recent journal publication by GLKN aquatic ecologist David VanderMeulen and Sarah Elliott of the U.S. Geological Survey details their results.

or read a short version in this resource brief:

David VanderMeulen sent this out and said, “Please feel free to share. We are trying to write these types of briefs to accompany our NPS technical reports, and journal articles.”

His contact information is:

David VanderMeulen

Aquatic Ecologist

National Park Service

Great Lakes Inventory & Monitoring Network

2800 Lakeshore Dr. E.

Ashland, WI 54806

Office: 715.682.0631 ext. 224

Mobile: 715.209.8633

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