METRA is a not-for-profit partnership of professionals that provides environmental compliance training to the Central Florida small business community and local government agencies.


METRA's members consist of regulators, environmental product and service vendors, and the regulated community.  Membership diversity is key to our success.  Our members include over 25 government entities and private corporations. 

Second Wednesday
3 pm via Zoom
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Monthly Meetings:


Calm Sea

Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Mitigation and Transformation Technology


Presented by: 


Dan Levy, Vice President,  AECOM


This HAB technology is being developed to aid in the restoration of nutrient‐impacted waterways and create a new source of sustainable liquid biocrude, similar to the way fossil fuels were formed, but in 30 minutes instead of millions of years.


The St. Johns Water Management District (SJRWMD) launched the project in August 2021 to harvest/remove algae and suspended solids associated with nutrients from Lake Jesup, one of the largest lakes in Central Florida and one of many that make up the St. Johns River.



Choosing and Using Fertilizers in Orange County


Presented by: 


Jane Gregory, CHMM, CIT, LEED GA

Environmental Programs Administrator

Orange County Environmental Protection Division

Basin Management Action Plans.  Impairments.  Algae blooms.  Nutrient pollution. These are all terms that Central Floridians might hear regularly to describe our water bodies.  Sadly, many of our lakes, rivers, springs and aquifers struggle with nitrogen and phosphorus pollution, but we can turn this trend around!  Good choices can clean water.  On June 1, 2022, Orange County updated their fertilizer management ordinance and it applies to all of us.  Come learn how to work together to solve this problem

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Board Member Duties

METRA board member duties include some or all of the following, depending on availability and interest:

  • Help arrange speakers for meetings

  • Represent METRA at partner organization events

  • Support the METRA scholarship program

  • Assist with training events such as Environmental Excellence Day

  • Attend one Board meeting per month

  • Attend at least four member meetings annually

  • Can serve in various positions of administration as interested (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Directors)

  • Assist with outreach, training, social media and other committee functions as able

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METRA's 2022 Board of Directors is represented by the following member organizations: