METRA Organization Structure


*Officer positions were announced during April meeting.


METRA Board of Directors


Clark Quakenbush - Walt Disney World

Vice Chair

Rebecca Bowden - FDEP



Danielle Mohan -- Reedy Creek Improvement District

* Training Viviana Useche


Amy Guilfoyle - PPM Consultants

Viviana Useche - FDEP

Helena Dacenay - FDEP

Sean Doran - Blue Origin

Jimmy Stewart - UCF

Kyle Lapic - MSE Group

Committee Members

Training — Kyle Lapic, Jane Gregory, Jimmy Stewart, Helena Dacenay, Kaelyn Malone, Rain Yates, John White, Judith-Ann Jarrette, Beth Burkard, Tom Finsterle, Lori Cunniff

Outreach — Scott Evanson, Viviana Useche

Social Media/Web — Clark Quakenbush and Rebecca Bowden

Scholarship — Danielle Mohan, Andre Roy, Nancy Rodlun, Michael Hampton, Debra Boothe

Logistics — Mike Colon, Jane Gregory, Helena Ochoa, Rain Yates, Omar Horta

Past Chair

 Jane Gregory - TREEO

METRA's 2019-20 Board of Directors is represented by the following member organizations:

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