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METRA is a not-for-profit partnership of professionals that provides environmental compliance training to the Central Florida small business community and local government agencies.


METRA's members consist of regulators, environmental product and service vendors, and the regulated community.  Membership diversity is key to our success.  Our members include over 25 government entities and private corporations. 

Second Wednesday
3 pm via Zoom
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Monthly Meetings:

Transforming Environmental Monitoring and Assessment: Harnessing Drones, Satellites, and Machine Learning for Florida’s Ecosystems

March 13

Brendan Brown, Senior Environmental Scientist / Nature-based Solutions Discipline Leader

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The use of drones, high-resolution satellites, automation, and machine learning are revolutionizing the ability to collect and analyze environmental datasets. These tools are rapidly transforming the scale and efficiency of digital data collection and facilitating the monitoring and assessment of environmental systems to develop comprehensive solutions for the challenges of today.  However, these tools are underutilized for environmental assessment and regulatory compliance. There are numerous benefits to adoption of these technologies to monitor, protect, and restore Florida’s valuable natural resources from seagrass to cypress dome and every ecosystem in between.

Advanced Oxidation Process Technology for Preconditioning & Pretreatment of Effluent

April 10

Sanjeev Jakhete, Chief Technical Officer
Beaver EcoWorks

This treatment process oxidizes organic contaminants, kills bacteria and viruses, oxidizes heavy metals, removes odor and improves overall quality and taste of drinking water. He will describe a one-month-long pilot deployment plus continuous operation of a Beaver Treatment Trailer system in Indiantown, Florida, and performance outcomes. Water quality was continuously monitored and the data was audited by Utility Operators at a laboratory run by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Looking for a Career Change?  Check our jobs page for postings from METRA partners

2023 E2 Day Sponsors

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Board Member Duties

METRA board member duties include some or all of the following, depending on availability and interest:

  • Help arrange speakers for meetings

  • Represent METRA at partner organization events

  • Support the METRA scholarship program

  • Assist with training events such as Environmental Excellence Day

  • Attend one Board meeting per month

  • Attend at least four member meetings annually

  • Can serve in various positions of administration as interested (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Directors)

  • Assist with outreach, training, social media and other committee functions as able

METRA's 2023 Board of Directors is represented by the following member organizations:

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